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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I don't really know anything about this film but when I saw the car in the trailer I bugged out like crazy! That thing is badass! I did this little doodle of it and then I coloured it in. Cool story eh?
Check out the Bellflower website, looks like it's gonna be pretty cool and their custom cameras they shot it with are fascinating.


  1. YES! I saw a shot of that car too and thought the smokestacks were killer!

  2. Awesome ! The movie is great and the car is real btw. The team came with it to present the movie at the SXSW (and Sundance). Real flames from the exhausting pipes !

  3. This movie looks sweet!

    Your painting looks BADASS!

    I want the custom camera they rigged to make the film.

    Thanks for posting this Christian, it was both entertaining and informative.

  4. The skillz are mad! Love the view. The lighting on the trunkle area is superb!


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