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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Make Tanks Not War

Here's one I started 'ken ages back that I just finished painting about 54 seconds ago. I had this pencil sketch that I started dolloping virtual paint onto now and then, just kinda picking away at it over a few weeks.
The idea was that it was an umanned sentry that would be dropped into disaster areas to ward off looters or any invading forces. It has a real low level AI and a super slow hydrogen extraction system that draws energy from the atmosphere, you pretty much give it enough charge to toddle itself into a tactically sound position and forget about it.
"Unmanned eh? Why the hatch then dickhead?" - maintenance and for the off chance it may need to transport survivors. Yep, it makes heaps of sense. And take it easy with that dickhead stuff will you?
I had it deployed amongst all this rubble, collapsed buildings with a bunch of gruesome stuff going on and had it pretty much finished at the start of the year. Then Christchurch got decimated by quakes followed by Japan and I didn't want to look at it any more. I painted out all that stuff and parked him at the beach in the sun.

Oh yeah, those weird looking wheels are inspired by/burgled wholesale from those rad AIRTRAX forklifts


  1. Great artwork. I love colors, composition and design! Fantastic! See you soon!

  2. Great Job the sky makes me think of N.C. Wyeth.

    I would love to see a toy made out of this one, fer sure.

  3. Nice work, as usual. Like the back story too. The line drawing is fantastic, love the technique.

  4. Beautiful piece man! Love the colours!

  5. Put a couple o' shells through that mini! Great piece Christian, you have an incredible illustration style.

  6. Whaaah! So good dude.
    I wanna go on an adventure with this cuddly little murder-machine.
    I can already tell we'd be fast friends.

  7. Thanks heaps yous!
    Yeah James, I revert to burgling Wyeth's puffy cloud style all too often. What other artists paint interesting skies I could be ah... inspired by?

  8. Wow you just keep getting better and better! love the tagging and seagull crap!

  9. Cool illie! Great one in fact... but why on earth would you do that to your mini? It's a MINI for pete's sake! You've got to take better care of it!

  10. this is sooo awesome... great detail!

  11. Humour and danger in the same image: my favourite combo!
    Is beautiful!!!


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