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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

White Cloud Worms! I mean Worlds

Hey hey! Here's something pretty neat, this weirdo I work with put this book together that's just about to come out. I think he's just about to come out too but there's no book about that yet*. This book has lots of really nice art-drawings in it and also some by me! Christian Pearce!

You can mash these words to check out the website for a look at some of the art n' junk.

*Paul Tobin is neither a weirdo nor coming out, not that there's anything wrong with those things.


  1. Man this book looks slick. Some much talent coming from the land of the long white cloud.

    Hey do you have prints available for the violence vulture? I've asked before and I won't quites tills I gets me an answer.


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