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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Art of District 9

I'm pimping books like crazy! Here's our artbook for District 9. If you like that kind of stuff this book is pretty good, heaps of drawings that have never seen the light of day before - some of mine deservedly so! That's the cover and a couple of pages of early alien designs I did, you can see quite a few more pages from the book here.
If you buy it from the Weta Workshop store you get a stencil signed by Greggo, Dan, Leri, David and what?! Christian Pearce? I've heard of that guy!


  1. Christian!
    Can't wait to get this book!
    One of my favorite films last year.
    How are things going?

  2. Hey James! Pretty good thank you. I dunno if you've heard of allt his ruckus that's happening with the Hobbit but it has a lot of people here very worried. Apart from that - sweet as!
    Are we gonna be seeing you guys over here again? Your guy's stuff moving ahead?

  3. It's a phenomenal book, whether you're a D9 fan or not. You have one of my fav images in it. The guy in the trucker hat with that big 'effing gun. Also dig your dropship designs.

    I've been using my stencil to tag everything; cars, buildings, dogs, school children; very useful.


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