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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A few dudes at work donated a piece each for this Plunket charity thing. The idea is that they were little doodles that people would stick on the fridge like something their dumb kids would do so I hand in a scrawl of a dinosaur riding a bike. Imagine my shame when my so-called "colleagues" deliver stuff like this and this! They're trying to get me fired you know.


  1. Kids love T-rexes and bmxes are cool. For my sons this is the double wammy!

  2. I think you are being exceptionally hard on yourself.

    Number 1: BMX bikes are totally RAD! You should watch the BMX bike Movie RAD just to see what the movie name implies.

    and B: That Dinosaur is tricking out. Not being a dinosaur, I can only assume popping a wheely is very challenging.

    I also enjoy a good pencil drawing now and then

    This drawing is Wicked-Fierce!

  3. Hey cheers y'all!

    James - I used to watch that film like crazy! Pretty much every weekend for a while, I was into BMXing like nobody's business. Then out of nowhere my friend turns up at my house last week with a movie "Boom. We are watching this tonight". It was Rad! Both in noun and adjective! Love that Hell Track.
    Was still cool too, I will own a BMX again some day. I have decreed it!

  4. This is GREAT. Gee I sure wish I could have it on MY fridge. HAHA... aged 35.

  5. Wow dood. That totally looks like something my dumb kid would do! Outstanding lad!

  6. Dear mister pearce, i think your drawings is veri beautiful and i wish i could bike as well as you draw them bike and them dragons from the future.
    age 42

  7. This is absolutely charming, awesome work overall.


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