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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Art for Ted Chiang's "The Lifecycle of Software Objects" - part four!

Here's a couple of the finished illustrations along with the initial pencil sketches. Ted knew he wanted a watercolour look right from the start and I figured it would be fun to do these traditionally ie; real paint. That idea got the kibosh due to deadlines, the need for multiple variations, global warming and the fact that I am not very good at painting.
I ended up using Artrage to paint up my pencils. I had a pretty tough time with it - I find the interface a bit weird and it really seems to struggle with large images but boy it does some neat stuff! It's kinda cool not knowing how something works and just goofing around with it, sometimes stuff happens that is better than what your dumb brain would come up with. The tough bit is trying to make it happen again!

There's a demo of Artrage but the full version is only like a hundred bucks, well worth it in my most humblest of opinions.


  1. God damn it global warming ruins everything! I hope that robo kid is drawing, none of that useless math stuff.

    These dudes are super cool, I used Artrage for about ten minutes and already my brain started hurting.

  2. Can't tell the difference between "for real" and "artrage"!
    The Pearce has magic in his fingers!

  3. These are rad! I love just the red and grayscale colour scheme. Heh, big headed baby robot...

  4. I've started to use MyPaint for digital painting. It allows you to emulate all sorts of painting media: watercolours, oils, acrylics, pencils, etc.

    The interface is very simple and intuitive, allows use of a graphics tablet, and most of all it's free and easy to install. Well worth a try.

    See more at:

  5. to help support CP's mini restoration fund I bought the book and I have to say that the pictures are very cool. Still struggling with the whole reading thing mind you. Perhaps you should offer to do the comic and save my brain!

  6. Hey thanks yous!

    S P Wilcock - thanks for the heads up, that looks interesting!

    Gracias Senor Tobin, if you wanna chip into the Mini Warrant of Fitness fund it would be most appreciated. It's nearly ruined me!

  7. Hi,

    I used one of your work on my blog post. It is a review for , written in traditional Chinese. Your blog link is also included in the post. I hope this is OK?

    Here is my blog post:


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