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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Skate of Emergency!

Here's a poster I just finished for an upcoming roller derby series. The brief was post-apocalyptic Wellington with tough chicks on rollerskates. I was gonna draw that anyway!
I did it originally in black and white and tried to do it real Akira-style. I quickly realised I was no Otomo-san and reverted to my olde wobbly hand technique. I still snuck Kaneda's bike in there amongst the rubble though. I got lil' CJ from District 9 in there too but you probably can't see him at this resolution.
Once it was finished I got word that they wanted it in colour so I did this quick hack-job. Should be a fun show, chicks in skirts roughing each other up while dudes holler and drink beer? I'll see you there!


  1. That's bad dude, but bad in memory of Michael Jackson, not bad in memory of your performance last weekend in Rockband2.
    Otomo to the max!

  2. I like rough chick's. Man......


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