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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


ASIMO is rad. There's a bunch of humanoid robots around now and although they're all choice I still think he's my favourite. You seen those vids where he falls down the stairs? Boy that stuff makes me wince! I really feel for the lil' dude. The way he waits at the bottom of the steps building up his courage before his ill-fated ascent I find quite endearing. It's cool how he eyeballs the crowd as he's ambling up there too.
What is it that makes ASIMO so appealing, to me at least? He has none of the elements that film-makers and designers slap on anything that needs to emote. There's no giant pupil puppy-dog eyes or over-animated eyebrows or colossal head, just that cold-ass glossy black visor. But he steals hearts like crazy!
I reckon, and this sounds pretty weird, is that the secret is in the hips. That nervous side-to-side weight shifting and the cautious little steps, organic cues that we see every day in lower forms of bipedal locomotion, i.e. us, tricks us into reading life in that bevel-edged body. What a bizarre ramble this turned out to be.
I did these sketches in about 20 mins while looking at this cool little ASIMO poseable figure I bought off the internets. Cheers world wide web!


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