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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Richard Scarry - Part Two!

Well that took a bit longer to get to than I thought!
I'd nearly finished it when I says to myself I says "that Dingo looks like a drive-it-like-you-stole-it kind of guy". I scuffed up all the shiny paint and added paint chips and cracked glass.
I assume Mr Scarry was inspired by the E-type Jaguar in the design of this car so I brought in a few details from that too, not because I think it improves it but just because I like drawing that stuff.
So! I really don't know why I did this one. It was fun and I guess I just wanted to pay a little respec' to one of my earliest inspirations. That's a plenty good reason I guess!


  1. that's amazing, i really dig it! the fur is awesome and the car looks really good.

    good job man:D

  2. He owns! nice details on the car and I like how it is doing a D:

  3. So much life in that drawing! You can't be unhappy after that!

    The Pearce gives life like Jesus gives kicks!...No I mean the other way around...I mean you know what I mean...

  4. Sweet sweet SWEET! Full of live is the right description. Now we need to see the worm, because you know he is the coolest worm in town.

  5. Ha ha! Cheers bros! I felt I hadn't really captured the energy that Scarry puts in there so effortlessly. Photoshop needs an "add life" filter!
    Sjors - you got it! A pic of Lowly driving a supercharged version of that apple-car would be ace!

  6. oh! You said "quick-like" coloring, didn't you? It's mean!


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