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Thursday, April 16, 2015


Hi! How's things? You're looking good! Like real good, dang!
Here's a few of the little airplanes I've been drawing lately, been trying to do one a day and am just about up to fifty of 'em. They're all done on my phone (Note 3) using the Sketchbook for Galaxy app.
I think I'll do a poster if I get enough of them done before I get too bored or start doing anything useful with my life, probably something similar to the Deadly Sleds one.

I'm posting them daily* over at my instagram if you're into that kinda thing

*almost daily


  1. I'm good, thanks for asking!
    I've been working out - glad you noticed.

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  3. can't wait to see all of these choice flying machines on one easy to gawk at image! Got a mean variety going on!

  4. Vee Vee Gee Brah! I like best the curve you put in the main body of the top right one.
    Looking forward to where you go with these :)


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