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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Last Days on Mars - Lander Concept

Along with the rover there was a brief for a flying vehicle that would be able to transport peeps from low orbit to the surface. It was to be a pretty classic dropship type thang. Oops I mean thing!
I started with these pencil sketches...
...then painted up some quick variations based on the director's notes and selects.
Another round of feedback and a bit more development.
Ruairi drew over a couple and I painted back into 'em resulting in these^
One last variant I worked up that I kinda liked.
I'm not sure what it ended up looking like in the film, this stuff might have all been binned for all I know. Was fun to draw though!


  1. Yes. Bin them.
    They are too rad, most especially the last one.
    Don't you know by now the rad shit is always binned!

  2. It's interesting to hear that you still don't know whether they get used or not. I like the last variant too. The bottom right pencil sketch also looks cool.

  3. ohh wow never saw these mint ships!
    some choice shapes and all look like they would be rad to float in

  4. Hey mang, great as always. I really like the shape of the one - second in on the second set. The rotors/engines/ionisers are up and back, it gives it a gestural feeling to me, like a skydiver whose arms are being pushed back by the fall. Feels good to me. Of course they're all ace, but something I like about that one :)

  5. It feels more agile and predatory because of the shape I think. IMO anyways :)


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