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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Elysium - Tattoos

Here's some of the tattoos I drew for Elysium, we did 'em right near the end and it was a pretty fun way to finish up the project. I drew them quite loosely in pencil to help them look organic and a bit ghetto when they were transferred onto the skin. I always make my drawings look deliberately crappy - totes on purpose! It was a kinda cool exercise, working the new weapons and other Elysium imagery into otherwise very classic tattoo iconography. Even represented Miramar all up in there! Surely that earns a key to the suburb.


  1. Thise are fantastico amigo!

    Siempre Pearce!!!

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  3. Since you're the one to ask, what's the deal with the hex shaped "stamps" tats? Also, is the 6022 number supposed to represent something (irl or in Elysium) or was it just something you guys came up with that's just cool but ultimately irrelevant?

    1. Hi Avery. We needed to invent a gang culture to give a history, connect some of the characters and have some sort of cohesion across the tattoos. We came up with insectile idea and gravitated towards the bee stuff, we called it the Hive. There were some other more overt designs did using the honeycomb motiff and 'Hive Mind' idea. Also, hexagons are futuristic!
      A lot of the gang stuff we were referencing had recurring numbers throughout it so I suggested using the post code of where Weta Workshop is based - 6022. The rest is cinematic history...


    2. Thanks for the reply. I was going through some of the concept art images and had thought there was some connection with one of Aaron Beck's early designs of Kruger/Crowe's bio-synthetic body, which also used subdermal hexagons I guess as implanted armor as motif, and thought it might be a play off of that.

      Also, I can understand the appeal of the hexagons and I really thank you about the 6022 definition.

  4. Any chance you could post a picture of the hive mind hand tattoo its awesome thanks

  5. Love the Mary tattoo design,so much so I'm tempted to get it done.

  6. Love the Mary tattoo design,so much so I'm tempted to get it done.


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