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Monday, August 19, 2013

Ghidoragh - Threat Level Ultra Cover ArtsWhole!

Yo! Here's the cover art for EP that I was blabbing on about down thereI done did it with that Broadmore guy that you like so much. Really stoked to have got the job, the band is totally blowing up and the drummer is a dreamboaticus maximus.
We knew we were gonna be doing something Psygnosis styled from the Amiga era but hadn't decided what type of game we were gonna be ripping off. There was so much rad box art back then, rich pickin's for burglin'!
When I was a young'n at primary school a kid told me about a movie he saw called Mad Max. He said it was about a guy who drove a truck with spikes on the tires and ran over heaps of dudes. I liked the sound of that! When I saw it and realised that kid was a big fat liar I was really disappointed but grew to love it anyway.
That image of a spiky-tired 18-wheeler stuck with me though and I wanted to paint it for this. Greg wanted to paint a cyber-knight on a motorbike and viola - here they is! You can see the evolution of the painting in Compress-o-Vison™ here, Greg and I bounced it back and forth a bit and then we stopped doing that and it was over.


  1. the cover came out super rad and that gif has filled that "how do they do it" void in my gullet!

  2. My favourite bit was when my eyes burned out of their sockets due to the lens flare from pure awesome!

  3. I just got off the phone with Battletruck AKA Warlords of the 21st Century. He's super pissed and want's his life back!

    1. You shouldah hung up on that jerk! Man I loved that film too. We sampled it on our first album even!

  4. I had a Battletruck t-shirt back in the day. This picture is choice.

  5. Battletruck meets Knightriders!!! (the movie with Ed harris, not the TV Series!)
    That cover's awesomistic!!!

  6. Yeah you guys are rad! Such great artwork and the lensflare on top of the typo is such a beautiful nod to the old Psygnosis era and style. Gives me tinglies :D.


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