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Monday, July 15, 2013

Ghidoragh - Threat Level Ultra

What the heck... that's not a drawing, it's an embedded album. Very observant! It's like a drawing you can listen to with awful vocals instead of faulty perspective.
This is the band we formed about 20 years ago and recently resurrected. It's Brian, me and everyone's favourite Broadmore - Greg! Bri tickles the lil' gat, Greg rumbles the fat-gat and I rattle the traps. Everyone hollers, no one quits!
This was a long time in the making, mainly due to this ridiculous special edition we made. It's a homage to the great games of the Amiga, the computer that defined our collective videogaming youth. It's a flash box, manual, poster and the whole dang EP compressed to a nearly unlistenable 1.2mb on a goddamn 3.5" floppy disk!
BH did the layout and Greg and I did the artwork, bouncing it back and forth and painting over each other's stuff which was kinda cool. I'll do a post about that in a sec. You can get the EP in a proper resolution and format now for however much you wanna pay (yes yes, zero dollars, "the recession" and all that eh?) over here! Okay bye.


  1. Killer job on the smash pots dude! This makes my ears tingle.

  2. When I saw this work the first time I was flashed. I thought: "Could this be a Amiga 500 classic from Psygnosis?" Great job and thank you for this little journey into my past.


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