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Friday, June 7, 2013

Ratbird Redux!

OLD! Yeah I know, whatevs. This a remixed, recut, redux'd, repaint'd, re-res'd, remastered and regurgitated reworking of an old piece. I'd always meant to have another crack at this old bird and give it a tidy up and guess what? I did!
There's prints available at my pals' shoppe over here. Limited to 100 so you'd better hurry, I heard there was only 99 left! That might have been a clerical error though.


  1. By jove that's an egregious arsenal the old girls holdin !
    Chocks away... : )

  2. Nice work CP. Love the decals :)

  3. Christian you beautiful F'n man! Hugs and kisses from North America! Ha HA! I will be ordering this.


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