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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Battle Sandwich - Magic in Action!

A slow motion car wreck that encapsulates absolutely everything I know about colouring-in something.  10 years of learnin', 4 minutes of video. This was for ImagineFX #86


  1. Thanks for posting! I love your work, and this was a fun video on your process. I hope you're able to figure out how to continue to work on more amazing art pieces with your skin and muscle rotted away. ;)

  2. OMFG so good. You can slop anything in my direction anytime CP.

  3. Bwa ha! Best larnin' video I have seen.
    So sad to hear that your died during this video, but super glad that your ghost could do the narration from beyond the grave.

  4. I love to learn how to draw watching tutorials, I know how to die during drawing something.... :D
    Thanks! I have been waiting for something like that from you!

  5. Looks like it takes as much time as my art. I measure my time by beard growth and it's usually from incubation to face tendrils. Time to join the 21st C and go digital!

  6. Great video. Can you please tell us how long you are working on such a painting? I always wonder how long it takes to do this kind of finished concept art.


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