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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wellington Apocalyptified!

You maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! And then you put it on a t-shirt!
I did this drawing a few weeks ago and had a plan to do a bunch of 'em, a series if you will. I was gonna do apocalyptic cityscapes of progressively more obscure New Zealand towns, culminating in a horrifically hammered Horotiu!
If you wanted to you could buy a shirt with this on it at the Weta Workshop-shop. It's kiwi made!


  1. Cool design man, how much are the shirts?

  2. Thanks man! The shirts cost heaps unfortunately. I think they're about 70 bucks, but the print wraps right around the bottom of the shirt and they're hand-made by local lovely lasses. I seen 'em do it! I think the only place to get them is the Weta shop-

  3. mmm..last time I drove past your folks old place it looked like that anyway..

  4. D'oh! Pwned by an anonymous.... sah??

  5. I imagine Hammered Horotiu wouldn't be much of a spectacle. 3 smashed down buildings. Starting with the Solly's house!


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