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Monday, July 14, 2008

Stool Pigeon and a Crash


This is what happens when you rat out the Mafia! And also what happens when someone puts a telephone pole in front of your jump ramp. More goofing with that Animanatee app.


  1. Hi Christian,

    Your Animanatee work is impressive. I have version 1.3b and I am unable to axport my work as an avi file.

    Also, how do you get other colors?

  2. Hey, thanks a lot Yinka!
    Hmmm, I use 1.3b as well. When you are ready to export an avi, go "save as" and before you pick the slot to save click the box in the top right corner that says "export avi". You won't be able to see the avi on your DS but when you plug your card into your computer they should be there in your Animanatee folder.
    As for the colours, underneath the colour swatches that come pre-installed there is a whole bunch of black boxes. Click on any of 'em and slide the 3 colour sliders above. It's an awkward way to pick colours, but you kinda get the hang of it.
    Hope this helps!


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