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What is Christian Pearce?

Kia ora! Christian Pearce is me!
I am a warm-blooded hominid living in Wellington, New Zealand who draws things for fun and profit. Mostly for fun.
I have been employed at Weta Workshop for a decade and some, long enough to call myself Senior Concept Designer™! In that time I designed all your favourite things in all of your favourite films and absolutely none of the stink bits in your most hated films. Well, maybe not all your favourite things. Maybe not even some of them. Probably none of them. Definitely none of them.
I've been very lucky really. I started out just drawing and self publishing (that means photocopying) comics and posters and stuff and would pick up the odd bit of advertising illustrative work whenever I could. I moved to Wellington and illustrated a bunch of kids books and was really fortunate with my timing when I applied at Weta. I have no formal training (yes yes "obviously", well done) and really just feel incredibly fortunate. Working with so many soul-crushingly talented people is the best education I could have asked for.

What else? I drew 300 little hot rods for my Deadly Sleds series, am nearly ready to show my Kosmik Kustoms space-car illustrations and also contributed to the White Cloud Worlds book and exhibition. I have a couple of other projects on the go too but they are nowheresville yet. Hmmmm, is that all there is? Well, I have a daughter and missus that I like all of the time and a 32 year old car that I like most of the time. I also like beer, bicycles, dinosaurs, videogames and playing the drums. That's pretty much all there is to Christian Pearce. Two paragraphs! Not bad!

I still take on freelance work when I can and if you have anything you think I could be suitable for feel free to drop me a line.

Peace! Pearce!