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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Last Days on Mars - Rover Concept

Here's some of the designs I did for Ruari Robinson's the Last Days on Mars through Weta Workshop
The first brief was for the rover/mobile lab vehicle and these were the initial sketches I submitted.

We went into a bit of an exploratory phase but quite quickly settled on a basic layout and scale.

Starting to figure out functions and internal structures. The shoot would involve a physical build of the cockpit mounted onto a truck chassis with the rest of the vehicle to be added with CGI so that helped define size and configuration. 

Quick entry point sketches.

Cutaway showing the guts. I worked pretty closely with Ruairi to make sure all the required elements from the script were represented inside. I love doing this stuff! I've always been fascinated by technical drawings and cross-sections, would have really liked to have put a lot more polish and work into this illustration but this type of job is usually very... "time critical"

That's the final drawings that were submitted for the build to be based on. I really enjoyed working this up, it was really cool to be able to spend some time and nut this thing out.

The team at Screen Scene VFX did an amazing job modeling it I reckon. Right from the first images they sent through they had nailed the character and visual language of the vehicle, really brought a smile to the ol' dial. I painted over some of their work-in-progress 3D to clarify and resolve some elements that weren't too clear in the concept art.

The robotic arm had some specific functions it needed to enact so I did these breakout drawings to make sure it could perform 'em.

Here's another drawing I did... nah that's a pic from the film! Gosh what a trickster.
This was a great project for me. Ruairi's always fun to work with and I'm really grateful to him for bringing this film to Weta and, more importantly, me! I'll post some of the other stuff I did for this movie soon.

Check out some cool vfx process gifs at Ed Bruce's site over here


  1. unhhggg...awesome. love that cutaway drawing!

  2. Rad, totally digging that cross-section!

  3. I love this! Awesome stuff!! :)
    Looks really great in the trailer too

  4. Fucking LOVE IT! I enjoy seeing your thought and iteration process. Great stuff man.

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhsome!!!!

  6. Love it dude! the guys at Screen Scene were showing some of this along with their CG work at the weekend at the Irish VFX Summit. really great job!

  7. You is just too good!!!!
    Vive Le Pearce!

  8. magical!
    these are too rad bro.
    more cuttaways please.

  9. These are great! The cuttaway is super inspiring!

  10. These are all hella sweet CP! would love to see someone do some red dust doughnuts in all of them :D

  11. Nice and inspiring stuff. And I bet these are LERIFICATED, hah.
    Got the books from Leri with your signs. It means a lot, thanks!

  12. OMFG you're so freeeaking good! I know I mailed you my drooling enthusiasm about this stuff, but I thought it was past time I hung it out here on the interwebs for all to see. Love your work buddy. You just keep getting better :)


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