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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mad bMX

After the apocalypse I'm gonna be rockin bikes 24/7 yo. In fact, I've been prepping for years! I have an 'arage full of half restored rusty-ass rides and the furious missus to prove it.
Bikes are reliable, plentiful, hardy, fuel-free, all terrain, stealthy and easy to fix - no wonder we never see supercharged V8 muscle cars in post apocalyptic films or videogames, they make no sense at all!
So when CO2 emissions, oil wars, nuclear bombs and your uncle's farts finally kill off what remains of this flimsy oh-noez layer I'll see yous in the desert for some sweet wasteland wheelies.


  1. Ha ha!
    I think I found the breaks on your bike though - that MG's gonna kick back like a mule.
    Mebbe point it the other direction for thrust?

  2. Damn oh-noez layer! You're actually my hero Christian Pearce. This changes everything. I can't wait for the next Mad Max trilogy:
    Mad Max 5: The future - derailed.
    Mad Max 6: Rise of the Shimano.
    Mad Max 7: Ten Speed of DOOM.
    It's gonna be good, I just hope they cast someone with sweet calves...

    1. Was that your expression of interest? I remember your leg-lumps being pretty tasty... you're on the short-list!

    2. Yeah, it was from all those trips up the stairs to try and sponge knowledge from the talent they keep hidden away up there. You know who I mean. Gus. Bloody taking the piss he is. Thanks for noticing fella :)

  3. Awesomistic.... Really love all the details!

  4. Fawk, dude, sooo good. I love the multiple eye wear on the driver...peddler...uh....guy.

  5. Glad to see those glasses aren't going to waste after total societal collapse. Love your work!


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