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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Make Tanks Not War 2.0

Oh now would you look at this - White Cloud Worlds Vol. 2!
I am really proud do be involved with this book and am very flattered Paul Tobin got drunk enough to ask me to do the cover. There's so much rad stuff in it, over 40 artists this time and some gobsmacking images reside within. If your gob is overly sensitive to smacks stay well away!
It's a revisiting on a piece I'd been meaning to have another crack at for ages and is kind of a sister image to this old fulla - another point of view from the Great Crustacean Invasion of 2028. This one represents the sentinel tanks that bravely defended our shoreline.

This is available as a signed limited edition print from my friends at Eyeball Kicks over here!


  1. Why is there no comments yet? What the hell?

    Incredible piece, man. I love the graffiti, the colors and composition of this piece.

    It's an excellent piece of art, and great eye catching cover for the book.

    I don't even have any joke comments, this pic is THAT good.

  2. LIKE A BOSS! Seen this Cepie?

  3. Did you base the tank off a KV2?


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