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Monday, August 6, 2012

Once Were Trees, Now They're These

Three books I have drawings in all arrived like blim blom blaow! What a noisy mailman.
One's about hot rods, one's about robots and t'other is about an alcoholic space moron. That's pretty much all the bases covered!
Here's a picture from one of them, can you guess which book?

No you idiot, it's actually supposed to be a hot rod.
You can get Masters of Chicken Scratch vol 2 and check out a bunch of Dwayne Vance's rad stuff over here


  1. "Here's a picture from one of them, can you guess which book?"
    I'm not sure...about alcoholic space robots ?

  2. Lol @ 0.01 for the masters of chicken scratch vol.1 app.

    Too pricy for my leisure.
    Infact 20 dollars for a kewler shirt than what you find at the walmartz. Fuck.... Fuck YEaaah!
    it be kewl if there was a robot Pearce shirt, but i dare not dream'e

  3. Also, A lil spill of oil from the slosh bucket. I reckon u need tune up.
    Sweet Design'


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