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Thursday, January 5, 2012

District 9.... Things

District 9?! What is this ancient junk? Stop living in the past Christian, it's 2001 already!
These are very early weapon and tool designs. You can see these and many more of the designs I contributed to the rubbish bin in our reasonably priced Art of District 9 book.


  1. "Your [sic.] a good drawer." And other things kids say.

    Wow! Stupendous.

  2. All of these sketches are rad, just love how you lay down your marks in the right place all the time!

  3. Your work is SO FANTASTIC Christian,,,,,Just wonderful

  4. I loved your designs in that book. It would have been interesting to have seen a District 9 that went more in that direction. Hope you got to work on Elysium.

    On another note, that D-9 book is one of the best artbooks ever made. It was a topic of conversation at Bleak House. The topic being, that it was one of the best artbooks ever made.

  5. i saw this one in the book! awesome bunch of work. homeboy looks pretty comfortable with the gun for sure

  6. Damn dood this stuff is killer!

    The one on the bottom looks like the thing I used to unclog my toilet yesterday.

  7. ***wipes tear from eye***
    That's the sweetest design review I've ever had Kevin!

    Thanks heaps to all yous peeps!


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