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Friday, July 29, 2011

Damon Packard!

A drawing of one of my favourite film makers as his character Bob in Reflections of Evil. I was pretty blown away when I first saw that film and the character really stuck with me.
This was my first attempt inking with the dip pens I'd seen my pal Matty using at work with great success . I had less success but I reckon if you could get the hang of 'em you could bust some pretty clean lines.


  1. Okay, someone call Frank Miller and get you to do a Hard Boiled or Big Guy $ Rusty sequel, since Geoff Darrow is to busy.
    Damn detailed work!

  2. Yeah boi. Looks great, showing me up from the get go. Shoulda never told you about dem dang fings! Dang it.

    That movie sounds interesting too. Not one I would probably have pulled off the shelf based on the cover / plot description. But with your recommendation I will give it a hoon.


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