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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jaundice vs the Bench

Jaundice is my character in Skate 3. This is a video I made of his exploits:


  1. HAHAHA! The rainbow slide is a very nice touch! Nailed it!

  2. Yes! Finally we can end the charade Matty! I can be at your cave in 15 mins!

  3. awesome vid christian!!! i love the old woman with her eyes popping out! haha
    are you playing on ps3 btw??

  4. Best thing that happened on Earth so far.

  5. Thank you all of you! Even you Greg!

    Nah Joel, on the xbox. Gamertag is MagicMongol if you have one, let's be pals and shoot each other!

  6. haha that would be awesome... so sad i'm playing on ps3... i would love to get my ass kicked by you... but i'm not planning on get a xbox anytime soon... i'm gonna record a couple vids maybe... just to show my crappy skills to the rest of the world :D

    cheers man!

  7. Hhhwwwwaaooou!*
    Just great!

    Let me know when you'll ope na garage, i want one of theses cars!


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