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Monday, June 28, 2010

AKIRA - Kaneda's Bike part one!

For me Akira is pretty much it, the most mind-boggling combination of design, story, action and gob-smacking illustrative genius ever. To think that it all came from one dude is both incredibly inspiring and totally 100% infinitely demoralizing!
I read the manga about once a year I guess and pick up on more things each time. One element that is as striking now as when I first saw it is Kaneda's bike. Otomo-san first drew that thing nearly thirty years ago! What!
I had done a whole bunch of mindless sketches of it over the last few months, probably a couple dozen of them. Some of 'em are up there ^^^
The colour ones were quick sketches I did on my DS with Colors! and the pencil-looking ones pencil! I didn't draw that one at the top - that's from the anime, silly! I grabbed that pic from BlueBladeAkira, heaps of good stuff there.
I started painting one of the sketches up, I'll post it in a bit.


  1. Epic...perhaps one of my favorite vehicle designs....EVER...
    Great sketches...


  2. rad! would love to see a CP red bike out and about!

  3. Hey thanks so much you guys, I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look!
    I hope I'll get the painted one finished in a minute, things always slow to a crawl at the end.


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