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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bambina Goes Bam-boosh!

Hi! It's 2010 for flip's sake!
Here is a Fiat 500 getting all roly-poly. I think they're great looking cars and I reckon that 2007 Nuova 500 version is one of the very few classic updates that really works. Says me anyway.
I got a little model that I posed for some sketches and then I got out the ol' tracing paper to neaten 'em up. I haven't done that in ages - actually put a little bit of effort into a drawing! What a wild and crazy decade this is turning out to be!


  1. hey man....I love your work....I feel stupid for not checking your art out sooner....Fantastic stuff man! I really dig your style.... love this little fiat's funny I drove one of those when I went to spain for a couple months...what a piece of shit that was!


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