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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ghost in the Shell pt 2

Here's the finished picture. Some scum-bag blur and other shortcuts in there, I don't like that stuff but it does speed things up a lot.


  1. Wow dude, that is totally killer! Im more impressed by the fact that the garbage truck can out-pace a flying robot. The truck must have Ludicrous speed standard. Im also impressed that the truck can bank a corner like that! Well done! It must be the way you drew it that gave it such nimble handling. :)


    that's beautiful....


  3. Hmmm - Funny, I can't find Scum-bag Blur in my filters list... can you email me that plug-in, plus the Pearce's Mad Skills Tool presets?

    That would really help a guy out, cheers.

    Nice painting, mister :O)

  4. Hey thanks yous!
    Steve that filter is under actions>laziness>hack-job. There's a mine of useful stuff in there, 400 different lens flares!
    Cheers Kevin, in the year 2015 our nation's leaders combine resources to combat one of the more pressing concerns of modern times - shabby sanitation vehicle handling. Starvation and crime is still rampant but you could set your watch to the time your recycling gets picked up!


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