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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I always keep my DS next to the bed. It's cool waking up the next day to find drawings I don't really remember doing. Recently I discovered I'd done all these crude demon scrawls, I guess it's cos I've been watching a lot of horror movies before hitting the hay lately. What's up with demons anyway? What are they doing when they're not jumping out of old books or terrorizing space-hulks? Do they hang out being evil to each other or do they have jobs?
I took the lines I had drawn and painted 'em up in photoshop real rough-like.


  1. They're really cool! Just the right amount of creepiness!

  2. Thank you very much SHOo! I got a couple more of 'em I'll chuck up in a minute...

  3. love these demons man, especially the linework


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