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Monday, April 27, 2009

99 (even) Deadlier Sleds!

Whew! I got my next 99 hot rods/muscle cars/street-tards all done. Did 'em the same way as the last bunch, on my DS using Colors. I don't think there'll be an exhibition for these fullas but I will be doing another limited edition book of them. I'll hafta get my man Holloway to put these up on the 99DS site soon.
I'm about halfway through the next 99 too, you'll never guess what it's gonna be called - 99 DEADLIEST SL.... what? You did guess? Jeez, way to steal my thunder...


  1. Thanks yous guys!
    I'm really not too sure how I'm gonna sell 'em outside of New Zealand. I'm gonna put them in a couple of shops here and trademe - NZ's version of ebay.
    I get them printed through, it's a pretty expensive way of making a book but you only have to print as many as you want. You can also sell books directly through there, I think I'll look into doing that for non-NZ sales.

    Thanks again guys!

  2. Christian, love the work on the sleds man! I have been tweeting and blogging about your work and now that the New Yorker had someone do a cover using an iphone and never know! BTW - we are using a very cool new service to self publish that is one to one publishing so you don't have to pay alot of upfront fees and you can make you hot work for sale here in the U.S. Check out Would be happy to swap our checklist on Disney Pixar Cars with you! You can view that here: Thanks! Tizmanian

  3. Oh, nice one JAGWAG! I'd almost written off the idea of doing another book - it's just sooo expensive -but what you have at MagCloud looks really interesting. I'll definitely look into setting up an account, thanks a lot man!

  4. You are welcome, Christian! I just saw our first issues and they look really good. The best part about MagCloud is the back-end operation as they handle the sales and shipping of your stuff as well inclusive! That is a HUGE advantage over alternatives. Shoot me an email at tizmanian (at) gmail (dot) com with your address and I will send you out a copy of our pub so you can gauge the quality yourself.


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