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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh my goodness, it's 99DS!

Me and my ol' pal Greg Broadmore are having an exhibition here in Wellington starting 1st February. I drew 99 hotrods (scroll down to see a couple of 'em) and Greg drew 99 nudey girls falling on banana peels. In other words - something for everyone!
99DS - Dodgy Slips and Deadly Sleds has been a long time coming. I guess I gotta credit GB for coming up with the idea of drawing one thing ninety-nine times on a Nintendo DS. We used the awesome homebrew app Colors to churn 'em out.
The whole 99DS thing was just this goofy little project until we were lucky enough to have Richard Taylor and Tania Rodger take an interest and make it into something much bigger and pretty cool. We're even getting posters made!
If you're in our windy-ass capital during February, stop by Civic Square and check it out. We'd appreciate it! is up and at them! Our mate Brian made that site, I think he did a great job.
Thanks B!


  1. SHITBALLS! I will be keen to see this!
    Yay for you fellows!

  2. Thanks dude, it'd be rad if you could come! Problem is, and I don't want people to know this, is that I don't think we're allowed to have booze there.... Public space 'n all. Sucksamondo.

  3. Sorry bro..will be on the ice, otherwise I would have come up. I hope the 4500 km distance by three forms of transport is a good enough excuse


  4. I'll be there even if frosty the snowman won't be. Let me know when it tis and all!

  5. I saw the posters for this when I was in Wellington last week. Looks cool and nice exhibition idea too!


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