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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Iron Man!

Quite fitting that the first post I have ever made on a blog is one of Epic Fail. This is a really quick bit o' painting I did for Project Rooftop, a choice and well-worth-a-look site that hosts redesigns of superhero costumes. Not this one though! They have a bunch of cool stuff and I've found heaps of interesting artists from there. Ch-check it out-


  1. hey christian, this is the best iron man drawing i've ever seen!!! it would have looked awesome on the movie... specially because of the 4 eyes...
    really nice concept.

  2. Hey thanks a lot man! You've got some nice work on your blog, great characters.

  3. Actually I quite like this version, it's got an otherworldly wouldn't have happened to work on Evangelion picture?


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